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Frequently Asked Questions

Moko Physiotherapy specialises in physiotherapy in Derby.

We also offer;

  • Rehabilitation Classes (back class, upper limb class and lower limb class)
  • Sports Massage
  • Therapeutic
  • Massage
  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Educational Workshops

Pretty much any musculoskeletal condition. It might be a sports injury, trauma, accident or may have started for no known reason. It might have started recently or you may have had pain for several years.

To name a few…

  • Back Pain
  • Neck Pain
  • Hip Pain
  • Knee Pain
  • Foot and Ankle Pain
  • Shoulder Pain
  • Elbow Pain
  • Muscle, Tendon and Ligament Pain

Our team often help individuals who have failed other treatments and are complex in their presentation.

There may be other factors contributing to your pain such as weight, deconditioning, poor sleep, depression, anxiety or stress.

If you are unsure, please get in touch and we will be able to advise. If physiotherapy is unlikely to help you, you will not be charged. 

Every individual has specific needs.

All new physiotherapy patients are required to have an assessment (45 minutes) and results session (45 minutes).

Follow ups typically last 40 minutes.
The rehabilitation classes, yoga and pilates classes are 60 minutes

Sports or therapeutic massage can either be booked for 60, 45 or 30 minute appointments.

The educational workshops are 90 minutes.

You can find our state of the art wellness facility in the heart of Mickleover, close to the Derby Royal Hospital and Nuffield Hospital at;

Unit 3 Mickleover Retail Corner
Uttoxeter Road

There are many different ways of treating musculoskeletal conditions.

Physiotherapists should use science based treatments to provide optimum care. Moko specialises in exercise and rehabilitation. But if there is something you think will help, let us know!

Expect to learn about what is causing your pain and strategies to put you in control of how to manage it.

Every patient attending Moko will be expected to carry out some form of physical activity or exercise but this will be tailored to each individual. Some people may need strengthening, others may need to work on balance or improving mobility for example.

If all you would like is hands on treatment, it is advised to book a sports massage. Hands on or manual therapy treatment may or may not be helpful for some patients, but should always be carried out alongside exercise and education. In isolation, sports massage provides short term benefits. At Moko, the aim is for you to be as independent as possible, to avoid reliance on passive treatments, such as joint mobilisation, acupuncture or massage.

The golden question!

Some patients will only need and assessment (and results, session 2) to feel reassured and point them in the right direction.

Others may need more guidance and motivation, particularly if the problem has been going on for a long time. There aren’t any quick fixes, the body can take time to recover from injuries and sometimes the body can learn that being in pain is normal. Therefore this can take time to change.

We find the clients who commit to weekly sessions in the early stages, gain much better improvements in the long term.

The road to recovery is not straight forward, often it will be up and down, this is completely normal.

Ideally you should see changes in markers like your movement, strength, balance, day to day function between 6-12 weeks of rehab (depending on the problem).

After the first assessment, we will provide a tailored recommendation of how many sessions we think you will need.

It might be you choose to come once or twice per week, or you may choose to come once a month if you and your therapist are happy with what you are doing independently. Some individuals choose to alternate physiotherapy and massage, as well as attending our group rehabilitation, yoga and pilates classes.

Appointment need is tailored to the individual and will be agreed together. You are not tied in to any number of sessions and if you no longer want to continue, just say.

We will be 100% honest with you, if you don’t need to come anymore, this is a good outcome for us as hopefully it means we have helped you!

Loose clothing is useful (rather than jeans for  example). Ideally we need to see the area so if you have knee pain then please wear shorts. For ladies if you have a shoulder or neck problem, please wear a vest top. You may bring a friend / family with you to act as a chaperone if you would prefer.

No, you can self-refer for private physiotherapy. Non-members of the gym can also attend. However, since this may be the first person you are seeing, you will be screened to make sure there is no other health conditions that could be causing your pain. If we think it is required, we may recommend you see you GP if further investigation is indicated.
Yes – we are registered with Healthcode and listed on the Private Practice Register (PPR). If you have health insurance with AXA, AVIVA or Vitality Health you may be able to claim for your physiotherapy treatment on your health insurance. You need a referral from either your GP or professional recognised by your insurance company, such as a triage professional before attending. You need to provide us with a pre-authorisation code prior to the first session otherwise you will be charged directly.

Book Appointment

Or you may contact us at 01332 501098 or

Kate Gasior

Sports Massage Therapist

Kate provides sports and therapeutic massage at Moko on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday evening.

She also works as a personal trainer and class instructor externally. Kate has in depth knowledge regarding the psychosocial factors that influence exercise, recovery and nutrition. She helps many individuals make long term health changes, not just quick fixes. She emphasises relaxation and stress management during her massages.

Natalie Mee

Sports Massage Therapist

Natalie is a qualified Sports Massage Therapist, currently in her final year of studying Physiotherapy at the University of Leicester. She qualifies as a physiotherapist Summer 2024. Until then, she offers Sports Massage at Moko Physiotherapy on a Friday evening.

When not studying physiotherapy or providing massage, you will find Natalie in the outdoors – she is a keen long distance runner and enjoys cycling too. She completed her first ultra-marathon last year and also cycled to Paris!

Kirstie Whitford

Clinic Co-ordinator

Kirstie is one of our fab clinic co-ordinators – she ensures the smooth running of the clinic on a Monday and Friday evening.

When not working you might find her juggling 3 teenagers or completing her 200hr Yoga Instructor Course. She may also be found floating on water somewhere as she teaches paddle boarding to beginners!

Kirstie loves to travel, go horse riding and spend quality time with friends and family.

Will Figgis

Fitness Instructor

Will is fitness instructor, teaching strength and tone classes at Moko Physiotherapy on a Friday evening. Wills sessions are fun, varied and challenging for all abilities so there is something for everyone.

He can adapt the exercises to suit you.

Will has worked as a fitness instructor for the past 15 years and been personal training for the last 10.
Originally his background was in Fitness Pilates but have since moved into more high intensity training and is very much enjoying it.

Ryan Bennett

Senior Physiotherapist

Ryan works as a senior physiotherapist at Moko on a Wednesday and Friday.

– High level sports injuries
– Running injuries
– Gym related injuries
– Shoulder injuries
– Lower limb
– Prehab, strength and conditioning
– Performance enhancement

Ryan has been working as a Physiotherapist in the NHS and privately since qualifying from Coventry University in 2018. Before this, Ryan completed his Sports Therapy BSc and personal training qualifications. These qualifications and experiences have shaped Ryan’s exercise driven approach to rehab. Ryan has also recently worked as a First Contact Practitioner (FCP) across two GP sites – so is experienced in helping people with acute pain, as well as chronic pain.

Ryan is passionate about promoting prehab and the principles of strength & conditioning – he is able to tailor plans to help you stay injury free during training blocks, as well as programming to improve your overall strength and sporting performance. Ryan’s wealth of knowledge and experience allows him to set clear, individualised plans for clients. He places high importance on shared decision making and always puts the clients goals at the centre of treatment.

Outside of Moko you can expect Ryan to be running – he had 3 marathons planned this year, lifting weights or watching football.

Neil Brailsford

Yoga Instructor

Neil is a 200 hour yoga instructor at Moko Physiotherapy. His ethos is to move and breathe in a way that feels good for you and your body. His passion for yoga started many years ago and now has enabled him to turn what he loves into his living.

He thrives on maintaining a health and well-being lifestyle to promote and enhance not just the physical body but also to aid with our mental health. He enjoys practising vinyasa/energy flow yoga and is thrilled to share this with you.

Beth Protheroe

Pilates Instructor

Beth teaches Pilates at Moko Physiotherapy. She uses Pilates techniques within the class or 1:1, using techniques to improve physical and mental health, build resilience, strength and flexibility.  

Suzie Hemmings

Clinic Co-ordinator and Massage Therapist

Suzie works at Moko as a clinic co-ordinator on a Monday PM and Wednesday AM, as well as a massage therapist on a Thursday AM, specialising in deep tissue massage, pregnancy massage and post natal recovery with an interest in women’s health and well-being.

Whilst juggling her three children and running a business Suzie had grown to appreciate the importance of keeping her body healthy, strong and fit for both her physical and mental health. After gaining her Level 3 Diploma in massage Suzie went on to further train in pre and postnatal massage.

Out of the clinic you will usually find Suzie outdoors, either running (She’s taking part in the London Marathon in April 2024!), cycling, skiing, fitness bootcamps and the odd triathlon – she loves a challenge.

Laura Birbeck

Senior Physiotherapist

Laura works as a senior physiotherapist and Pilates Instructor at Moko Physiotherapy 4 days per week.

– Acute and chronic pain
– Lower limb and upper limb rehab
– Pilates rehab
– Back and neck pain
– Ligament injuries
– Neurological physiotherapy – stroke, Parkinson’s providing independently mobile and medically well.
– Sports and Therapeutic Massage (with a Physiotherapist)
– Aromatherapy Massage
– Hot Stone Massage
– Indian Head Massage

Laura graduated as a Physiotherapist from the University of Nottingham in 2017. Following this, her interest in health and wellbeing led her to also complete a Level 3 NVQ in Massage Therapy and Levels 1-3 of the APPI Pilates Matwork Series. Helping people take time to care for themselves and to build a happier life is one of Laura’s main goals in her work, whether it is supporting recovery from injury or promoting self-care and relaxation.

Outside of work, you will find Laura climbing (bouldering), spending time with friends and family, as well as the odd visit to Hotel Chocolat!!

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We’re so sorry to hear that you aren’t happy with our service. Your feedback is really important to us and we do all we can to make sure we are constantly improving. Please leave your feedback for us below and we’ll get back to you to see what we can do to resolve any issues you may have.

Leave Us A Review

We’re so sorry to hear that you aren’t happy with our service. Your feedback is really important to us and we do all we can to make sure we are constantly improving. Please leave your feedback for us below and we’ll get back to you to see what we can do to resolve any issues you may have.

Leave Us A Review

We’re so sorry to hear that you aren’t happy with our service. Your feedback is really important to us and we do all we can to make sure we are constantly improving. Please leave your feedback for us below and we’ll get back to you to see what we can do to resolve any issues you may have.

Mike Noble


Mike supports Moko Physiotherapy and our clients with Specialist Nutrition Advice. He offers 1:1 support, nutritional plans and educational talks at Moko Physiotherapy.

Starting out as a personal trainer in 2015, Mike’s career has always been geared towards connecting with people and helping them understand how they can better their health. He studied nutrition in 2019 and from there his mission was clear: to empower people to live their best lives through the power of food and fitness.

Since then, he’s been amazed at the difference a natural approach to food and lifestyle can make, helping people increase their energy, cure their skin condition and even fall pregnant.

Mike works with clients struggling with conditions from PCOS and menopause to chronic stress or IBD, who feel they have tried everything, but achieved nothing. Whatever it is you’re struggling with, Mike can work with you to help you get the results you need, all through simple lifestyle changes.

Mike is happy to see you for nutritional support in house at Moko Physiotherapy, online or also offers personal training from his private 1:1 studio in Chester Green.

How does the process work?

1) Discovery call:

You’ll start with an initial chat to find out where you’re at currently, what you want to achieve and how Mike can support you.

Step 2) Send out health questionnaire

When you decide to go ahead, you’ll receive an in depth health questionnaire to find out everything Mike needs to know.

Step 3) Create your personalised plan

Once Mike has a full picture of your health and current situation, he’ll start working on your personalised wellness plan.

What’s included in the personalised wellness plan?

– Summary of your current health/ condition
– Written justifications for all foods & supplements included in your plan
– Full 7 day meal plan
– Recipes
– Shopping lists
– Nutritional information (kcals/fats/protein/ vitamins & minerals)
– Supplement recommendations

Step 4) Get Started

You’ll start the first few weeks of your wellness plan, before a 1:1 catch up again to see how you’re getting on.

At this point, Mike will make some changes and then catch up again in another few weeks. By the third session, we’d expect to be seeing some positive changes.

Pricing structure:

Initial consultation + Personalised Plan
2x follow up appointments
1x Bonus PT session @ Milife Studio
Price: £185

Additional Follow up appointments
Price: £55

For further enquiries, speak with our Moko Physiotherapy reception team and they’ll put you in touch with Mike.